Sunburn Fades, Sundamage lasts

Skin Cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in 15-19 year olds- avoid this now by switching to spray tans.

“Tanning is a biological response to the exposure to ultraviolet radiation,” When UV rays hit our skin, we release melanocytes in our skin which produce melanin. Melanin acts as a protective shield against these rays.

This type of radiation causes mutations in the DNA—with the risk of causing cancer—and breaks down nutrients such as folic acid, responsible for making cells function well. It also damages collagen and other skin proteins, which increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (You can reverse these affects with Microdermabrasion!)

We have the answer! Spray Tans are the way forward.

The One where Ross gets a spray tan!- Don’t worry you wont look like this!

Before you tan, its best to exfoliate. It removes dead skin cells so your tan stays fresher and lasts longer. Make sure hair removal is done before your tan, and on the day wear loose clothing along with NO perfume, makeup or oils on your skin. Keep your skin hydrated with a oil free moisturiser to stop the tan from stripping.

In line with Sun Awareness Week (13-19 May) were offering Spray Tans in May for only £10. 

The best day to have a spray tan is two days before your event eg Thursday for Saturday event. (don’t forget we close Tuesdays)

Great Tans don’t happen by chance they happen by appointment. Call on 01708 47 27 27 or email


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