My personal skin peel diary

I’ve always been a skincare lover, I’d buy everything and try everything at least once.

I love to try new brand and new products on the market and for years my skin has always been just okay. I’ve always been looking for that glow, to wear no make up, to feel confident in my own skin.

Usually, have a lot of treatments whether it be regular facials, Microdermabrasion or Collagen lift. In the treatment room, I like to try new treatments and new products in all of my facials to get the best results possible for my clients. I continue to fact these treatments up with products at home with a regular skin care routine. Some could argue I use too much.

In the salon we are always looking to improve our treatment menu and get the best results possible for most skin type. When I saw Dermalogica skin peel training on offer at my local training center,  I took up on the chance to train with them. Ashleigh had already been trained in this treatment at her previous salon so had some backgrounds already but needed refreshing on using the products again. 

Yesterday I had a skin peel targeting acne as I have regular break outs. The treatment was so relaxing and left my skin feeling super soft and looking a lot fresher than it has in years.
Katie was very professional and kind which made me feel at ease during my treatment. I ask a lot of questions too and Katie answered each one with a knowledgeable answer. I would recommend this treatment and salon to everyone. Zoe 2022

After completing my theory online I attended the training session. We all had the treatment done on ourselves and providing this treatment can be a little bit scary when it’s your first time. Now offering this treatment for over a year I’m absolutely loving the results and decided to do a diary of my personal course of treatments. 

Let’s get this skin peel course going; 

I started with my first skin peel in January. Ashleigh and I decided to do one on each other record the session for some promotional reasons. I decided out of the three skin peels to have the acne peel. This is because because when we choose appeal for your skin we choose one that is the most suitable at your the time of your treatment and your skin concerns at that particular time.  Only one layer of peel is allowed on your first treatment. 

I’ve not had any other treatments on my skin except for skin peels since. 

We always caution people you may go a bit red or a bit tingly after your treatment but this will subside overnight. I was quite lucky that I didn’t go red not have much tingling but this could also sit in the back of your mind that might not be working. 

A course of treatments is always recommended. You always get better results of course treatments over a period of time with great skincare in between. 

After couple of days I noticed a little bit of flaking on my skin where the peel had done it’s Work. I had no redness or tingling after my treatment and I kicked out of the Sun even though we were in January and had none I still wore my SPF. I continue to use the skincare pack given to me of sensitive products with no other aha or bay.  this insures that my skin will not react to anything and give it time to heal after my skin peel treatment. After I had finished my products I could continue to use my normal products prescribed to me at home.

Second time around; 

A month later I decided to give myself another peel . This quick 20 minute treatment can be done easily on my lunch break or fitted in easily during my week. Once again I had no tingling, Or redness after my treatment but this can vary. Seen as it was my second treatment I could have another layer of my skin peel . This time I chose anti-aging. So my first layer was acne again as I was still suffering with a few odd breakouts and my second is anti ageing that’s because I don’t know anybody that doesn’t want to turn back the clock. 

Move forward a few days later once again the light peeling coming up on my hand when I dropped over my skin but really no other effects. This time round I noticed a lot more glowing a lot more even skin unless breakouts.

Third times a charm;

My third and final peel of my three treatment course. Now I can add a third layer of peel to my program. So seeing as we have three peels I decided to have one of each layer, acne, anti-aging, frightening. Now I can have maximum effects from my skin peel treatment and see them all work together. I had some slight tingling with the brightening but this is because it is increasing my cell turnover and harder with three layers of peels.

I can definitely see the results after this to the treatment. They were all around 4 to 6 weeks apart. 

I have clearer skin, more even skin tone and I can go days without wearing foundation or concealer! Selfies no longer require a filter!

Before peels, spots on the chin, under the skin spots. Pigmentation all over skin.


Mid course, clearer skin.

After 6 peels, clearer skin. No skin make up here!


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