Celebrate in style with a Princess Pamper Party

Plan your party

Planning a party can be exhausting, overwhelming and cause so much pain you may avoid it!

I always try and break down planning a party into the main areas:

  • number of children
  • food
  • location
  • décor
  • entertainment
  • and those all important party bags

The kids average party costs £320

I always think party bags are about impressing the mums not the actual kids. Kids just love a bag of sweets or a small toy and the rubbish that you all end up throwing away.

What’s the most expensive or impressive party bag that your child has ever received?

With two kids under 9 I’ve had many parties over the years from play areas, DIY, at home (never again), entertainers and now we’re reaching double digits my daughter Lois wants the more expensive and elite parties but luckily fewer children. 

My own Princess Pamper Party

Having my own salon has its benefits, my both my girls can have Princess pamper parties. Lois, my first reached the perfect age of seven for her first princess pamper party. Just before the pandemic hit, we decided to go all out with a princess panther party at the salon with entertainment. 

My plan was as follows:

  • food- pizza from the local takeaway
  • entertainment- LOL doll
  • location- my salon for a pamper party
  • number of children- kept it around 10 to 12 of her closest friends to maximise space and so they get to spend time with each other
  • decor-salon is already decorated but I had it and balloons from our local florist

Those all-important party bags, I purchased various sweets in the colours that we was having along with the sweet cone bags and stickers from eBay and we made these ourselves to give out on the day.

Along with the entertainment from the LOL doll we had LOL themed good tattoos, nails painted, princess make up and games.

I contacted a local events company who we now have exclusive offers with, for a doughnut wall. As I was on a budget, I purchased the doughnuts from Tesco’s the day before the party. I contacted a local entertainer who had seen on Facebook that had LOL dolls that would come to the salon. They came for 30 minutes of the party and took some pictures,  entertainment and dance games with the girls. 


Read some reviews here Google.

New for 2022

The girls had an amazing time and from this we have created our main two themed princess parties unicorns and mermaids.

Since the pandemic we have used a local cake company to provide decorate your own cookies as party bags! Party bag and cake 2 in 1!

The themed parties include hands painted, Glitter tattoo in your theme, plus a door bow for decoration again in your chosen theme. Princess make up to finish the party and celebrate with the birthday girl!

My budget was under £300. And you can do this themed Princess Pamper party for 10 children at £165 leaves you with £135 to do party bags, a cake and some food for the children.

The best part is you don’t have to clear up!


Mascot- Little Party Monkey

New decorate your own cookie party bags- Cake Mumma Essex.

Princess Pamper Party

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