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Skinbase Collagen Lift treatment – (Radio frequency) is highly effective for skin tightening and firming loose or sagging skin.
So how does Collagen Lift make this happen?
During treatment, a ceramic wand delivers waves of radio frequency energy to realign (collagen and elastin) fibres within the skin. The deeper levels of the skin are heated, stimulating several natural responses in the body.
One effect of these natural responses is boosting of new collagen and elastin and improving the existing fibres.

❗️The really important bit ❗️

When collagen fibres are first formed they don’t have a great deal of strength. They have to go through a collagen synthesis process to build strength to give that skin tightening and firming (a little like a babies muscles have to grow and mature to provide more strength). So the new collagen that is formed will NOT make the skin firmer until it has gone through that maturing process. Exactly the same happens with wound healing. Collagen is an important part of wound repair, but has to mature to give the healed wound it’s strength back. It can take anything from 21 days to 2 years.
⬆️ ⬆️ so if you and your client don’t see immediate tightening this is why ⬆️ ⬆️
That is where a course of collagen lift treatments are really beneficial as radio frequency will also further boost that new collagen synthesis, allowing it to remodel, mature and strengthen.
As we age this natural strengthening process takes longer than our younger days, so Collagen Lift will help to speed up and improve the quality of the new collagen, but doesn’t happen overnight.
Some clients when they first have radio frequency treatment see an immediate improvement in the skin firmness. This is because their existing weakened collagen has no strength, and the radio frequency immediately tightens some of that existing week collagen – you will typically see this in clients who haven’t looked after their skin in an efficient way before.
It is great when we see that kind of immediate response – but don’t despair if you or your client don’t see that immediate change. It could also be down to a few other things:-
Poor health, diet and lifestyle can their body’s natural response sluggish and slow to react. More treatments (and improved lifestyle) are needed to break through that added barrier to improved skin.
It could also be that their skin condition and collagen strength has been maintained pretty well. They won’t have as much collagen as their younger days, but effective skin care/protection and healthy lifestyle has served the existing collagen well so far.
Where a course of collagen lift treatment will help these clients is by boosting the formation new additional collagen and to keep it firm for longer, therefore slowing down any future signs of ageing. That new formed collagen will strengthen up over the following weeks and months from the rest of their treatment course.
Any collagen our body creates only last for a certain amount of time before it starts to degrade again. Therefore new collagen production and a course of radio frequency and maintenance is essential to keep the cycle of firm skin going.
We naturally produce less collagen as we age so, often without the help of extra support from professional skin care treatments (I.e. collagen lift), advanced skin care ingredients and internal health/supplementation , the skin will show an increase in signs of ageing through lines and wrinkles and poor overall skin health.
Providing the skin with extra support for collagen production will extend the life of the new collagen – extending the life for up to 2 years instead of a much shortened lifespan as we age.
In younger skin up to 70% of the skin is collagen fibres. From the age of around 25 ish this goes down by approx 1% per year, and even more rapidly when we approach menopause or have poor health/lifestyle.


Elastin is like the partner in crime to collagen – and plays an important role in how supple and firm skin feels. Although we don’t have as much elastin as collagen in our body system, it provides more of the elastic and flexibility.
With age or poor lifestyle the ability for this elastin to flex back to its original stretch is lost.
Radio frequency will also improve the skins elastin flexibility and immediately tightens and snaps back week elastin fibres and is another reason why some clients will see that immediate skin tightening.
So to summarise – some clients will see an immediate tightening from their first treatment. some will see the results a number of weeks or months after their treatment course has started, depending on their existing collagen and elastin levels, health and lifestyle.
All clients who are concerned about ageing need to consider many factors that will affect their collagen levels and strength:
Skin care ingredients
➡️ Past and current health
➡️ Dietary choices
➡️ Environmental stress (I.e. – uv and free radicals exposure)
➡️ Age
➡️ Stress levels
➡️ Lifestyle choices
➡️ Genetics
If a client wants to improve or slow down their skin ageing then a course of Collagen Lift treatments is a great place to start as well as improving lifestyle choices they make.
It’s our job to manage clients expectations and to help them understand the collagen process.
Hope that helps.
*I am not a medical expert so this is based on my personal experience and research findings, but any questions please let me know.
Written by Teresa- Collagen Lift Expert!
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