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  • What is BIAB?

    BIAB- Builder in a Bottle, taking over the nail desk by a storm! Sometimes gels are not enough. Not strong enough, lasting long enough or protecting the nail for the heavy handed! Builder in a Bottle; BIAB, is a trademarked … Continue reading

  • Skin Transformation Programs

    You may have heard of our skin transformation programs. Now we have transformed our transformation programs! New for 2023, we have revamped our programs to suit you, our clients even more. We have made them more simple for you to … Continue reading

  • Networking for Hair and Beauty Professionals

    Are you part of Essex Beauty Group networking? Networking contributes to your social well-being. Networking lead to the exchange of ideas. Networking helps you make people at all professional levels. Networking boost your professional confidence. If that is not enough … Continue reading

  • Self employed survival guide for the hair and beauty professional

    Creating a second stream of income can not only secure your days off but be a reliable source on days like today- a snow day. Read my self employed survival guide to find out ways to add extra income. I … Continue reading

  • Top 5 Christmas salon treatments 

    The party season is upon us and it’s time to get glammed up. After having two years of Christmases in doors your party skills may feel a little rusty so if that in mind here are top five Christmas salon … Continue reading

  • My beauty treatment holiday prep for Paris

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on holiday. Our last trip was to Lapland in 2021, so this break in half term I was planning a little different. We went away for a week to Paris, in France with … Continue reading

  • How to start a side hustle and earn some extra income in 2022

    Google shows that searches for “side hustle ideas” have increased by 326% since last year, so it seems that everybody is on the lookout to earn some extra cash in 2022. Many side businesses start off as a hobby and … Continue reading

  • What is the EQA?

    You may have read my previous blog on the IQA process but another term you may have heard of it is the EQA. EQA process: This is a very similar process, but an external verifier comes into the centre to … Continue reading

  • What is a IQA?

    Have you ever heard of your teacher mention of an IQA? Your tutor could mention you are going to be IQA’d, Or the IQA is going to visit or perhaps your work will be invigilated.  However, you may come across … Continue reading

  • Rest, Recover and Research

    As an entrepreneur we often work ourselves to the ground without taking any rest. We feel guilty, that we might miss out or miss an opportunity. “Opportunities become real if we can see them and seize them”