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  • What is a IQA?

    Have you ever heard of your teacher mention of an IQA? Your tutor could mention you are going to be IQA’d, Or the IQA is going to visit or perhaps your work will be invigilated.  However, you may come across … Continue reading

  • Rest, Recover and Research

    As an entrepreneur we often work ourselves to the ground without taking any rest. We feel guilty, that we might miss out or miss an opportunity. “Opportunities become real if we can see them and seize them”  

  • My personal skin peel diary

    I’ve always been a skincare lover, I’d buy everything and try everything at least once. I love to try new brand and new products on the market and for years my skin has always been just okay. I’ve always been … Continue reading

  • Thinking about training in hairdressing?

    Where do you start? The course, insurance, qualification, products, marketing or clients. Take a look at some key points on my latest blog post. Accreditation for Hairdressing Training; Is the course accredited? – all training courses should be accredited with … Continue reading

  • Fit Flop Weather

    Pedicure season is in full force with the sun shining today at 24*C! But what does a full pedicure include? We have revamped our pedicures to introduce the new CND Luxe Pedicure System. Using a full vegan and eco friendly … Continue reading

  • I was on a Beauty Podcast!

    Last week I was invited by Debbie to be on her Beauty podcast! Beauty & The Business Beast 🎙 A podcast for the professional hair and beauty industry I jumped at the chance to join Debbie and other professionals that … Continue reading

  • All About Collagen Lift

    Skinbase Collagen Lift treatment – (Radio frequency) is highly effective for skin tightening and firming loose or sagging skin. So how does Collagen Lift make this happen? During treatment, a ceramic wand delivers waves of radio frequency energy to realign … Continue reading

  • My Day at Professional Beauty London

    Professional Beauty London is back! I am so excited to visit after many years of closed exhibitions due to Covid, and now we can shop ’til we drop again! On the 4th April I took my self into the big … Continue reading

  • My Top Tanning tips

    The sun has got his hat on and were ready to tan! “Tanning is a biological response to the exposure to ultraviolet radiation,” When UV rays hit our skin, we release melanocytes in our skin which produce melanin. Melanin acts … Continue reading

  • Ice Ice Baby, My top 3 Ice Breakers for any Hair or Beauty Lesson

    My top three icebreakers for any new class: Ice Breakers for Hair or Beauty Lessons. Being an education in Beauty and hair for over 10 years, I have many new starters with our role on role off courses. Our Students … Continue reading