What qualifications should I choose?

Entering the Hair or Beauty industry can be quite daunting. Along with passion and skill, ensuring we are equipped with the right information and following the correct procedures should be at the top of our list.

When starting out in the industry, there are so many career paths to take, options of courses, places to study and much more. In this post, ill be explaining the types of qualifications and the benefits of both.

Firstly, lets rule out some terminology. VTCT is not a NVQ, VTCT is a awarding body. The same as City and Guilds, Edexcel and more. NVQ is the type of qualification.

Nvqs are National Vocational Qualifications. They are standardised across the county, internationally recognised, government approved, regulated qualifications. As are all VTCT courses. Which come in all different shapes and sizes, just like us.

They are usually longer in length, more costly, more knowledge to taught, more practise required in front of a tutor, a exam is required along with Internal and possibly external verification, to ensure you receive the best possible tuition.

Gaining a NVQ will make you more employable, ensure you can complete the treatment in salon specified time, and are wildly recognised by employers. Its also a requirement for opening a salon, working on cruise ships, spas, and have accounts with premium brands.

Shorter day courses have various names, diplomas, short course, day course, refresher course, entry course, workshop, accredited course and much more.

They  were originally designed for CPD, Continuous Professional Development. For existing therapists or hairdressers to attend, who already gained their NVQ and wanted to update their skills throughout their professional career. Nowadays they have become more accessible. Insurance company’s accredit courses for those to attend and be able to provide treatments to the public. They are shorter in length, more cost effective, small groups, fit around family and speed up the qualification process.

Conversions are a great way to turn your diplomas or short courses into NVQs. At Havering Beauty academy we offer you the opportunity to convert your certificates for £145 per unit. Its a great way to upskill.

In the near future, the goverment and councils will require everyone to have a NVQ or equivalent. As a centre offering both qualifications we do advise students to try to gain a NVQ in the subject they are taking. Its saves time and money in the future without having to re take any qualfications. It gives you peace of mind the qualification you have wont need to be changed or upgraded in the future. You will still need to keep up to date in the industry though!

Training Schools we rave about:

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This is a small section to consider when training. Take a look at our blog post to see other things to consider when booking courses through a training school.




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