Top Tips for written exams – VTCT quals

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In our two types of courses, Diplomas and VTCT qualifications (see what to choose here) there will be a final exam of some form. It can either be practical or written, sometimes both. This ensures the learner can achieve the outcome in both treatments or services and theory work.

In our VTCT qualifications, there is a multiple choice test paper for each unit, and sometimes for for larger qualifications. In the front page of each unit, you can see if there is a written exam, and if so how many.

The tests are multiple choice, and at our center you need to achieve a 70% pass mark. You have three attempts to complete each test, with a re sit time of two weeks in between. As much as we do not like re sitting tests as we haven’t passed yet, it is a opportunity to remember what was on the test and ensure you know the answers for next time.

Revision is key…

Text Book All the work and information is given to you when training but its great to use your guided text book to find out other ways of explaining things, diagrams and revision tools.

Post It notes This is my favorite revision tool and I even use it for my daughters spelling. Fill post it notes with things you need to revise, such as questions, words, muscles, names of items, steps of a treatment etc and post them on the inside of every door. When you go through that door you need to answer the question. Its quick easy, little chunks but a constant reminder keeping your brain working. 

We set target dates for each written test and assignment. Stick to these dates. They are planned out so you do not have to complete all work at the same time. Use the time frames set, take your time and complete each unit.

Our tutor Angelique says ‘ flash cards work great for some students, use them as a revision tool or for someone else to test you. It takes 16 times for something to be read before it sticks in the brain. Students feel extremely relived once tests are done, stick to our time frames and it will work for you’

Please remember our guidelines are from VTCT courses. This may vary for other awarding bodies. Remember to read through the questions, answer or attempt them all and use a process of elimination to remove some obvious options. Read back through at the end of your test to ensure you have not missed anything and GOOD LUCK

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