Teacher Training-A Quick Guide

Teacher Training- a guide to getting into education.

Sometimes after a while of salon work, we wonder what the next step in our career can be? We can become senior therapists, own our own salon, and even pass our knowledge onto others looking at starting a career in hair or beauty.

I get asked so much, how do I start my own courses? How do I tech people beauty? Its not a quick fix or money to educate people. Its about passing on the knowledge and for me, to change the industry standards. I’ve been in education for over 10 years working as a centre for VTCT and offering short courses accredited by the Beauty Guild. I’ve made a quick guide and small snippet of how to get into teaching and some of the main requirements.

Be Educated:

Have the knowledge and experience your self enough to pass on. Some companies require 3 years experience, others 6 months. See what company suits you and your beliefs into passing on information.

Decide on a career path:

You can only teach what you have the qualification in your self. If you was looking at teaching or delivering NVQS, you would need these yourself, not just short courses. If your looking at delivering your won short courses, find an accreditation company that will allow you to deliver with the same qualification as you.


You need to make sure your courses are accredit, It ensures they are insured, safe, worth the paper they are written on as well as creditable to your student. Find an accreditation company, see their requirements. It usually is become a teacher (gain the qualification), write your manuals, get them accredited and away you go. Along with many other regulations you have to follow!

If your looking to offer government lead courses eg City and Guilds or VTCT you would either look at becoming a centre yourself, or working for a centre. You would need a teaching qualification along with an assessors qualification, the relevant experience and many many more regulations which these awarding body’s can assist you with.


Be insured, to teach. Accreditation companies can help with this or your current insurers.

Our courses:

We offer The Level 3 Award in Education, or Assessor award which can assist you both in your education career. Anyone in any industry can take these courses, but we tailor them to hair and beauty industry as that’s where we have the most experience and advance knowledge to help you!

This list is endless but can give you a insight to a teaching career and how it starts. I assist many trainee tutors, with various types of training centres and follow their paths. If its something you need help with please give me call.

01708472727 or email info@havering-beauty-academy.com



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