Rest, Recover and Research

As an entrepreneur we often work ourselves to the ground without taking any rest. We feel guilty, that we might miss out or miss an opportunity.

“Opportunities become real if we can see them and seize them”


But we also neglect ourselves. Not taking any rest, not allowing ourselves to recover, take time with our thoughts. Rest, recover and research a way to a better you.


Back in the 2020 lockdown , I never worked on myself more. Long walks, time on the laptop working on the business, spending time with the kids and working out how to take time for me. Since then, I’ve continued this practise and prioritised myself and my family.

Some may call me selfish, but is looking after the person that looks after everyone else such a bad thing? Running a business, family and home can be tough at times. But making time for myself daily keeps us all sane! A small walk, time at the gym, a bath, Netflix or anything small, just for you is all you need.


I’ve experienced burnout many times in my career, along with a sense of being overwhelmed a lot. Dealing with this can be hard, feeling of failure, time to give up. Its just not how you wanted it to go, but this is a huge sign to take some time out.

Recover in a way that suits you. Is this time off, a day out, holiday or perhaps a new direction or vision. Back to your vision board, why are you doing this? What is your purpose.

Handy Tip: I block time out in my diary, full days to just be at home, no plans. Especially if we have a hectic week before or after. See how the day takes you. You might still go out or do something busy, but its not planned or regimented. This day for me and my family is pottering around in the house, cleaning, gardening or cooking.

“Remember to take care of yourself, you cant pour from an empty cup”


Time off away from your place of work, may lead to more creative ideas and work in itself. This is sometimes where the best ideas come from. An empty distracted mind can express ideas and thoughts. I always have a note pad and pen next to my bed, some of my ideas come in my dreams or before I fall asleep or wake up. You can also note these down onto your phone. Just like this blog post. I went away to the caravan for the weekend, took tim off work to spend with my girls and made some plans for some work. What blog post can i write, what new ways can we add to the business.

My next step in the business was to make our treatments better for our customers. Its always good to improve your services. My plan is to take some time out (Recover)  by having some treatments myself with our therapists, salons and spas to see where we can improve and provide something different to the business. Also an opportunity to take time out for a treat for me and staff!

how do you take time to rest, recover and research? Let me know over on our social media private group.



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