Qualifications explained

Accredited vs Regulated

Accredited courses are those backed up by a insurance company, insuring you once you have passed the course based on the academy’s requirements.

Regulated courses are those backed by the government and regulatory authorities.

I’ve taken part on a few webinars around the subject of accreditation and regulated courses. Watch them over on our YouTube channel.

Accredited v Regulated qualifications – YouTube

Not sure whether to book a NVQ course or Diploma course? Read on to find out the difference and which qualification will benefit you.


  • For those wishing to work in a salon, spa or cruise ship
  • for those looking for a long term serous career in hair or beauty
  • Those wishing to open their own business- mobile, salon or in a room
  • Those wishing to have accounts with premium product suppliers

Gaining a NVQ will make you more employable, ensure you can complete the treatment in salon specified time, and are wildly recognised by employers.

First stepping is to gain a Level 2 to then progress onto Level 3


  • For therapists wishing to add to their skills or services
  • For those already with a NVQ looking to add services
  • For therapists wishing to gain CPD
  • Fast track entry into the industry

If you complete a diploma course you can turn this into a NVQ at a later date if you wish.

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