Mums at Work: A career in Hair or Beauty whilst creating a work/life balance.

If your looking to retrain in Hair or Beauty, find out how you can create that work life balance you’ve always craved.

What is your vision? Your goal? What motivates you? Mine is my children, flexibly and the money. I needed to create a work life balance and ensure my time was split between my children, partner and myself. I had a job, a busy one, a business and life that worked for me, then came along my first child Lois. My work had to fit in around my new family, and she had to fit in around my work. The industry is great to be flexible and work out our lives as and when it suits.

‘My biggest challenge every day is to be a great mother and a great businesswomen.’ Tory Burch

Everytime I meet new students, getting into hair or beauty, or training to become a teacher in hair or beauty after years in the trade, the main reason for education is the flexibility. Once you have decided to step back into education, you’ve jumped your first hurdle. Now what to train in? Hair, Beauty, Nails, Massage, the possibilities are endless. I advise every day, starts with a good foundation and build from there. You cannot run before you can walk. Start with a Level 2 NVQ then see where you path takes you. The industry is huge and there are so many niches to find gaps in the market and see what works for you, and your family.

Mumtrepreneur- Collins dictionary describes the word as ‘a woman who combines running a business enterprise with looking after her children’ Yes we love our children but do they define us in our working career? Does our working career reflect our children? I love working, having the adult conversation, the goal setting, the journey of students lives I see every day, but its nothing to do with my children. It will set my children up for the future but it do they define my work life? Choosing when and where I work ensures I love my industry, I love my work, I love my kids as well as making time for myself.

Many of you know our reflexologist in the salon. She works freelance around the borough, along with our salon monthly running a clinic Hannalise retrained later in her working life, after children, training at the weekends to fit in with her work life balance. She now is busy, earning and providing treatments to the public, doing what she loves. Controlling her diary, doing what she does best, as and when it suits and fits her and family’s needs. How inspiring!

Training in Hair or beauty can work for you, give you the flexibility, money, time with the kids and let you get in control of your life. Watch the video on our testimonial page from a past student who trained in hair and beauty, see how flexible we were with her training to make her work life balance easier.

NVQ Level 2 Beauty Training

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