How to start a side hustle and earn some extra income in 2022

Google shows that searches for “side hustle ideas” have increased by 326% since last year, so it seems that everybody is on the lookout to earn some extra cash in 2022.

Many side businesses start off as a hobby and eventually going to more, with that dream of becoming full-time working for yourself from what started as something from your front room. Making a full-time income from your side hustle can be very rewarding and not even feel like work.
With the hair and beauty industry surviving many recessions it’s the ideal industry to join! Working around family’s, children and current commitments, you can put in more or little effort to see how your business can grow.


Look into the legal aspects into starting up your own business. This can be insurance licenses qualifications and health and safety policies. You can find these online as well as in our e-book that you can download here.
You can look at insurance via Professional Beauty who all of our courses are accredited with.


It’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.
What treatments or services do you really love having done or giving to people? Whether it’s hair or beauty, nails, massage or make up, how you can make someone feel after their treatment is truly rewarding. See what sparks something in you that you want to give to other people. Lots of people try do all treatments but in 2022 we can re-look at specialising and focusing on one area and become an expert in that field.


Once you know what you would like to train in and you can then start to look for our courses.
You can look at either diplomas or NVQs and see what is the best option for you. Don’t forget you can look at our career chats and speak to myself about how you can plan your future.
Don’t forget to look at our past blog posts on what courses to take here.


Marketing your new business can be very daunting but we are here to help. You can take a look at our e-book of how to set up your hair and beauty business. This can be for new therapists and hairdressers starting out in the industry with a small plan of where to start and where to go.
But it was also good for those in the industry and looking back at anything that you may have missed in the past.
Top marketing tips to get you started;
  • Social Media- A huge hit these days, Facebook, Instagram and
    Twitter, along with others such as Snap Chat, LinkedIn and
    many more. We can gain clients through our friends family and
    existing clients spreading the word.
  • % OFF- Do you have a quiet day, or a day you could offer as a
    discount day for OAPs or Students.
  • Word of mouth/ Recommend a Friend- This is the best form
    of referral. If clients are happy and wish to recommend you,
    reward them. This could be a free mini upgrade, free treatment,
    discounted treatment or money off.
  • Newsletter- Let your customers know they can sign up to your
    newsletter. You can offer a reward for signing up, either a
    discount or money off.
  • Loyalty Card- Loyalty cards are a great way to keep clients
    coming back. Offer a card, with stamps or an app to keep track
    of when they come in. Each visit they can get a stamp, or when
    they have spent a certain amount. Once the card is full they can
    be rewarded.
If you’re interested in getting into the hair and beauty industry and sort out that side hustle in 2022 to give our team a call on (01708) 472727 or email on

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