Golden Oppertunity- Spray Tan Training

An estimated 86% of melanoma skin cancers in the UK (around 13,600 cases) every year are linked to too much exposure to sunlight and sunbed use.

Spray Tan Training 

A spray tan training course will give you the knowledge and confidence to use any spray tan product and you can enrol with no previous experience.

‘A great course, excellent training felt really comfortable spraying clients after the training I received… Would highly recommend’ Kerry Spray Tan Training Course September 2012.

I have various tanning clients, weekly, pre holiday, special occasions, pregnancy and more. I decided to tan from the salon rather than at home, but mobile tanning therapists are making a huge profit from their extra income. For most tanners, its the only treatment they provide and become well known for it. A couple of my students are leaving their full time job!

The spray tan training course is very cost effective at £299 inc kit. If you charged £15 per tan (which is cheap!), using Suntana products you would make your money back in just 20 clients. If you got a few girls together for tanning party of 5, that’s only 4 tanning parties!

My Favourite Friends Episode- The one with Ross’ Tan

Retail to bump up your revenue

When tanning, we advise our client on many products. What a brilliant way to earn some extra money by stocking a couple of products and selling them to your clients. From exfoliators, hydrating body creams to at home tan to top up between treatments the possibilities are endless.

Special Offer

In line with Mays Skin cancer awareness month, there is no better time to enrol. I am offering my tanning course for a discounted price of £75. What an easier way to make your money back.

See the training course information here. Contact the academy on 01708 47 27 27. 


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